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April 2011

From Jim:

Say it isn't so Ken! I just got word that 2011 was going to be the last Judas Priest tour. As a long-time fan, the news just breaks my heart. You guys have been the hardest working, most inspirational band in Metal since before the term existed. I can only hope your retirement lasts about as long as many in Rock and that you, at some point reconsider. I mean, damn man, I thought we'd rock forever.
Oh, btw, thanks for being so kind to my wife back stage after the “Angel of Retribution” tour concert in Atlantic City. I think she found the experience a little intimidating (Scott may have actually scared her a little) but your jokes put her right at ease.
I always told her that you've always come off as a really down to earth guy. And afterwards she was surprised to hear that she'd gotten to talk to the founding member of the band. You've always been an inspiration and I look forward to trying to attend as many of the 2011 concerts as I can. Take care.


Hi Jim. Very kind words, thank you! I will tell Scott to stop wearing that stupid life like mask of his lol.

Regards K.K.


From Jonathan Kunz, Williamson, NY USA:

Hey K.K.,

I was wondering what your plans are following the final Priest tour. Please say solo album! Please please please!

Hi Jonathan. I honestly can't say that i have any such plans at the moment. But one day, you never know.

Regards K.K.



Hey K.K. Another request, I saw Judas Priest at The US Festival in San Bernadino California when you played during the day. Is there any possibility Priest will play an outdoor daytime show in Southern California under a full sun? I know Priest has a great light show but it would be very cool to see you playing under the sun one last time. Highest Regards.

Hi Sean. And what a great gig that was back in 1983. It will always be a cherished memory. I should be so lucky to ever do it again but hey, anything is possible in the future.


Regards K.K.


I'm glad you'll come to Milan this June, but why on Wednesday? Anyway, if I manage to come, it'll be my first Priest concert (I'm just 20) and it'll be great! And there're lots of pubs around Milan that have excellent beer (but your next date after Italy is Belgium: there they have better beer).

This year I'll go to Belgium only to see a golf tournament in Antwerpen and then, finally, I'll come to England to see West Bromwich against Chelsea on 16th April at the Hawthorns and I hope it won't end with Chelsea scoring 6 goals again. But Wolves have won against Ancelotti's team yesterday, why Wba should lose? Ok, if they keep playing like now it'll be difficult... do you follow any team of the Premier League?

By the way, is there any golf tournament or related event in that area around April? After working in a little golf course in Belgium (officially, to improve my Dutch and French, but then I just improved my "beer drinker skills") I started following this game: I still have some difficulties understanding all the rules and the names, but never mind. I'll learn them.

Anyway, thanks for coming here in Italy in June. And sorry for my English, it's definitely not good.

Hi Lydia. Firstly your English is just fine. I can't say that I strictly support anyone but my home town is West Bromwhich. I do like to watch the premiership and all international games. Not sure what is happening in April except for the Masters in the States which is the first golf major of the year. Anyway beer drinking is a very fine sport indeed.

Regards K.K.

From Caetano Fidalgo, Brazil:

K.K. I'd like to know why you like using Flying V so much. I like them too, but I really want to know what you like the most on a Flying V... design?... the way of playing? Thanks for the attention. Your Brazilian fan number one.

Hi Caetano. I think to start with, it was the shape of the guitar and probably still is. It seems to me that the look of the guitar has become synonymous with metal. Other than that it just feels great.

Regards K.K.

From Eli, San Antonio, Texas:

Hi K.K.,
I have been a loyal fan since '79, I am proud to say I have NOT missed a Priest show (tour) since "Point of Entry". That makes it twelve times in a row (Demolition tour twice)...We all love you here in San Antonio, TX...K.K. My question is, will the band do one more album? I know "Epitaph" is the farewell tour but will "Nostradamus" be the last material that the Priest will do? I really hope not, any info would be greatly appreciated K.K.

Thanks for all the great years...The Priest are my band...because you ARE THE BEST!!! (Long Live Joe Anthony!!!) Cheers!

Hi Eli. Firstly thanks for remembering Joe. I think that there is some new material on the way for you. Thank you to and all of the fans in San Antonio, a great town that has always been great to play.

Regards K.K.

From Charles, Phoenix, Arizona:

K.K. You and Judas Priest are awesome! You guys must have a lot of footage of old concerts in the vaults. Will you put out a DVD of concerts similar to what Iron Maiden and Kiss did. Footage from every tour, that would be great!!!

Hi Charles. I am not sure what we have but it would certainly be very cool to do.

Regards K.K.

From Zergog, San Jose, California:

Hello again my Metal friend. So sad to hear Priest has announced your farewell tour, but so glad you have stayed on top of the metal scene for so long. And I consider you as the Godfathers of Heavy Metal and masters of the two guitar attack. Judas Priest is the reason my hair is so long and my heart is still so young. Thanks for being so great to me every time we met. I guess my question is what are your future plans with music and life and don't wait too long for a re-union tour, he he. You guys are not too old, just a little youth challenged. Never a bad thing, I am right there with you. Best of the best to you. Your metal friend forever..

Hi Zergog. Hope all is good with you. Thanks for the support, it's always good to hear and to have.

Regards K.K.

From Michael Troglin:

Hi, I am a huge fan of the metal gods. I loved the necklace pendant K.K. was wearing during the 30th anniversary tour when I saw them in Tampa, August 09 and it was the Judas Priest cross he had around his neck. Can I buy one of those anywhere? Awesome show, all five times I saw them, and one more thing, Priest Rules.

Hi Michael. No I don't think that they are available although I think that we have sold similar things in the past. Actually I believe that a fan gave it to me. Very Cool!!!

Regards K.K.

From Mami, Japan:

To Mr. K.K.Downing. Hello, I am Mami from Japan and I am glad that I could find your web site recently, I am enjoying it.

As I posted up my comment on your Facebook on 7th (Japan time) February,
I would like you to always remember Japan and Japanese fans so that we can support you Judas Priest.

I was interested in Judas Priest when I was very young. I got a ticket for
Your concert and was going to see you in Tokyo when you were on the tour for
"Screaming For Vengeance" but unfortunately I could not see you as I
suffered from an ailment so my mother didn't allow me to go to your concert.

After that, I had grown up and become a trivial adult to keep away from exciting rock music to forget my young rockin' heart. I recently somehow remembered you Judas Priest and tried to find your information, then I could find your web site. Glad to know you are still active/young/exciting.

Hi Mami. Very nice words indeed. I am so glad that you found us again.

Regards K.K.

From Phil:

Dear K.K. I am sure I have just seen you in Tesco in Telford. Was it you? Did not like to bother you. But if it was, good to see you and sorry I did not get a snap! See you at High Voltage! Best regards. Big Priest Fan Phil.

Hi Phil. Yes it was me.

Regards K.K.

From Jane Theiler, MN, USA:

Hi Ken, I hope you are having a wonderful break before the touring starts up again. I have just a little question for you: I was recently watching TV and I hear familiar music on to see an ad for the Honda Odyssey (a mini-van). Now I generally wouldn't think mini-van and Judas Priest. Was wondering if you guys had given the ok to use the song in the ad or due to age of the song (which was from Screaming For Vengeance) could they use it without permission of the band? It is a great ad it's just really unexpected. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you on tour.

Hi Jane. No I do not think that it's a problem for people to use our music as long as they pay a performing rights fee. But I guess it sometimes makes sense for advertisers to pre-contact artists and their labels to strike some kind of deal if there is big money involved.

Regards K.K.

From Toni, Zagreb:

Dear K.K. I'd like to ask you 2 questions: 1.Caviar and Meths. Do any of the Priest members own original 14-minute version? Your short instrumental version is fantastic and Al Atkins version too. 2. Which red old timer car was in video for "Heading Out To The Highway," if you can remember? Thank you and I wish you happy New Year.

Hi Toni. I am not sure about the version that you speak of, perhaps the Mill Workers can help me out? I believe the car Glenn drove was a T-bird and mine was a Chevy.

Regards K.K.

Millworker's Note: The track "Caviar and Meths" was originally a 14-minute epic written by Halford's predecessor, Al Atkins, but due to time constraints of the original album, only the intro was recorded for the album.

From Tony Dale, Brisbane Australia:

Hope you're in great health! I was wondering if Judas Priest plan to visit Australia again; particularly my city of Brisbane, during the Epitaph tour and would the band be playing any "Ripper" era tracks, since it is your final ever tour? I can just visualise the "Metal God" putting his own vocal spin on "Machine Man," "Bullet Train" and maybe even "Lost and Found"! What do you think? Cheers and take care!

Hi Tony. I think that your wish list - although very cool - is a little fanciful, but hey you never know?

Regards K.K.

From Niko Nurminen, Finland:

Hello K.K., I hope you're feeling well.

My name is Niko Nurminen and I'm from Vantaa, Finland. I've listened to Judas Priest since late 2006 when I heard "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" in a video game. Back then my favourite bands were Uriah Heep and Deep Purple but after that song, as well as a few others from YouTube, Judas Priest became the absolute #1 band to me. In early 2007 I bought the "Killing Machine" CD (it was the only one I found in the nearby department store), and now, four years later, my collection is almost complete (still waiting for a few ones that are currently out of stock). As I'm writing this, the "Stained Class" album is playing on my stereo, and it's one of my favourite Priest albums. Apart from CDs and DVDs, I've also got a nice collection of original-issue vinyl LPs I've got from a nearby specialist record store; as soon as they get something I haven't yet got as vinyl, it doesn't take long from me to go there and get them. Inspired by you, I've even bought myself an electric guitar and played some Priest tunes! For me, you stand out from the other bands thanks to your overall style, the twin guitars and Halford's vocals, as well as having such a varying catalogue of songs! You seem to have a song for every occasion, and each album is always vastly different - in a good way - than the other ones. My second ever live concert was your gig in Helsinki 2008, and it was awesome to see how you could still deliver the goods. I've got my ticket for this year's Tampere festival as well, so I'm going to see you again there. Hopefully I manage to get to the front row!

When you announced in last December that the next tour will be your last, I was shocked like most of the fans, but I understand that as you're all entering you sixties and have been part of the same group for about forty years, you want to do something different for a change. And according to Glenn's website, you're still writing another album, so we still get to hear new material from you!

Anyway, let's move on to my questions. The first one is about bootleg recordings, as I own and work on a website that concentrates on them ( How do you feel about them? Are you against them or do you feel that they're relatively harmless and are a nice addition to any hard-core fan's collection? I'm asking this because I don't want to be part of anything you or the band might oppose.

The second question is also about rarities. After the Epitaph Tour is over and the possible new album is out, do you have any plans on releasing some rare material from the past? Any studio outtakes or live shows that have been professionally recorded but never released?

Well, I guess that is all for now. We'll see in June at Sauna Open Air; I'll be the the big guy in a SFV t-shirt and a leather vest.

All the best.

Hi Niko. Bootlegs have been around ever since I can remember and I guess that they always will be. When I was younger I found it so frustrating waiting for a new release especially as back in the day it was the norm to play an album so many times that they actually wouldn't play anymore. Strange enough I never got tired of listening to them but as I say the bootlegs definitely helped to pacify us - until we could venture off to the record store to purchase the next masterpiece by our heroes.

I guess there might be a little unreleased footage but we would have to take a closer look to find it and see if it is worthy of release.

Regards K.K.





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