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List of K.K.´s guitar gear

Live gear:

Marshall 9600 power amps
Marshall Vintage 4x12 cabs
Marshall JMP 1 pre amps
Rocktron Replifex multi effects unit
Rocktron Midimate foot controller
Cry Baby wah pedal

2 x Hamer Custom Flying Vs
ESP Custom Flying V
2 x Fender Custom Stratocasters
1 Babicz acoustic
1 Ovation acoustic

Studio gear:

same as above plus

Line 6 POD xt Pro
Line 6 Variax Acoustic 700
Line 6 Variax Acoustic 300
Roland GR20 guitar midi controller
Axon AX 100 guitar midi controller
Godin LGXT guitar



Pictures of K.K.´s guitar gear

© Pix by Jari Asell


More from KxK guitars

All KxK guitars are neck-through guitars built exclusively in the United States using only top-shelf components and craftsmanship.

For this special signature model, the features include:

* 3 Piece Maple neck
* Mahogany body
* Scalloped Maple or Ebony fretboard
* K inlays
* 24.75" scale
* Floyd Rose Speedloader Chrome
* EMG 81/85
* 1 Volume Push/Pull switch for
* Pickup selection
* Dunlop flush mount strap locks
* 24 Dunlop 6120 frets
* Kluson vintage tuners (tuners are for visuals only)
* Battery Box
* Dual carbon fiber rods
* Dual action truss rod
* Available with or without the K.K. Downing pearl body logo
* Each guitar is numbered in order
* Finish options are: Lightning White, Diablo Red, or Black
* G&G hard shell case included

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $2,999.00 USD

When asked about his new signature model in a recent interview, K.K. Downing replied: "I can play a whole set without even changing guitars, that's how good it is."

All KxK K.K. Downing signature model guitars will be built to order and only available factory direct from KxK Guitars.